Mental Health Talk newsletter – Issue 2, 18 October 2019

By Jeremy Godwin.

Hello and welcome back to another edition of Mental Health Talk, the newsletter that takes the Let’s Talk About Mental Health conversation further by sharing inspiring and practical stuff related to mental health and wellbeing! Let’s get talking!

This week on Let’s Talk About Mental Health…

This week’s episode/post of Let’s Talk About Mental Health (out now!) is called Let’s Talk About… Mistakes. It’s all about mistakes (who would have guessed?!): specifically, why we should treat them as opportunities to learn and grow and what to do when you (inevitably) make one. You can read the blog here or find a direct link to listen on your preferred podcast platform here (including an audio-only version on YouTube) .

In Mental Health News This Week…

For people with a mental illness, loved ones who care are as important as formal supports (The Conversation, 17 October 2019): In what will probably come as no surprise to most people, two recent Australian surveys indicate the important role that close relationships play for those experiencing mental illness. Read it here.

The link between stress and depression … and the 10 simple words that could help (The Guardian, 13 October 2019): An article by neuroscientist Dean Burnett talks about some of the links between stress and depression/anxiety. Read it here.

Can we talk about…

My favourite pop culture things this week :

Here’s some pop culture-y things I’ve been loving this week – never forget that it’s the little things that make you happy which contribute to good mental health and wellbeing, so make time to have fun every single day!

  • Toy Story 4 (Movie, Available for purchased on VOD sites like iTunes) – I’m a bit ambivalent about the current trend for reboots and sequels… at best, you end up with a nice trip down memory lane and possibly a fresh take on an old classic; at worst, you end up with Tom Cruise in the car crash that was The Mummy (2017), and let’s not even discuss 2011’s Footloose. But Toy Story 4? Here you go, take my money. The original TS franchise, along with Shrek, has stood the test of time and personally I found TS3 to be the best of the whole series (don’t @ me!), so I’m happy to see TS4 available to buy/rent online. And yes, I am well aware that I’m 43 and spruiking a children’s movie in my blog… so?!
  • New Girl, All seasons (TV series, SBS On Demand in Australia & various platforms elsewhere) – I know, I know… it finished in 2018, but the entire series just landed on SBS On Demand here in Australia and never watched more than a handful of early episodes, and now I am not ashamed to admit that I’ve fallen in love with it. It’s an easy show to watch, full of gentle humour and a “just be yourself” message (and, thankfully, not a single laugh track to be heard which makes it far less irritating to watch than regular sitcoms).
  • Gavin & Stacey, All seasons (TV series, Stan in Australia & various platforms elsewhere) – Another gentle comedy series, this series from the UK is one of my all-time favourites and it’s getting a re-watch at the moment because there’s a Christmas special coming up at the end of the year which I am ecstatic about (how many new careers will Nessa have had by now? How is Neil, the baby? Has Pam accidentally gone vegetarian again? And WHAT HAPPENED ON THE FISHING TRIP?! Lol!!!). It’s only three series long (19 episodes including the 2008 Christmas special) so a quick watch – I warn you though, you may need to switch the subtitles on if you’re no good with Welsh accents, or you just might miss some cracking humour.

3 Articles About Wellbeing I Loved This Week …

  • Finding a use for agricultural waste that also just might help to address a major environmental issue? Yes, please! Article here (ABC News)
  • Since the focus of the Let’s Talk About Mental Health podcast and blog this week is on mistakes, it is gratifying to see high-profile people like Pharrell Williams and Eddie Murphy publicly re-evaluating their past behaviour and recognising their mistakes… we don’t need to cancel people who made mistakes in the past if they are willing to own it and make a genuine change, and change comes one step at a time; find the article here (SBS News)
  • This article on ABC News about programs encouraging kids to get outside and practice mindfulness is not only about a great initiative for children but also a timely reminder to we adults to get outside as much as we can – find it here

2 Instagram Posts That Made My Week…

I’m a highly visual person so I love Instagram. I understand the criticisms of it but, like any tool, how social media affects you is completely dependant on how you use it. I choose to follow accounts that inspire me and/or make me laugh and I don’t compare my life to others, and I have no hesitation in hitting ‘unfollow’ if an account is heading to the dark side in terms of content or overall message. My morning wake-up ritual involves a strong cup of coffee (or four) and a wander through Instagram to wake up my creative juices before I start work, so I decided each week to share a little of that process here by including two posts that made me think, laugh or feel some kind of way. Enjoy!

I absolutely love @themindgeek‘s Instagram account – run by Irish psychotherapist Sarah Jane Crosby, every week she delves right into tough topics related to mental health and pulls no punches. This week she’s been talking about ‘The Mother Wound’, which is really resonating with me as someone who has a very difficult relationship with my mother. This simple “mental note” post was a welcome reminder this week – thanks Sarah Jane!

Continuing on the theme of healthy relationships, US therapist and writer @nedratawwab posted this straight-talking list of things related to being healthy in terms of relationships and boundaries. Nedra’s posts are always insightful and inspiring, and I highly recommend her IG to anyone looking for practical advice!

1 Quote to Reflect On…

You probably know by now that I love a good quote to reflect on (just please don’t stick it up as a wall decal! Lol!), so to finish up here’s one I love this week:

“It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.”


Next Week on Let’s Talk About Mental Health…

Next week’s topic will be Let’s Talk About… Priorities – I’ll be talking about how taking the time to assess what is truly important to you, and then making that your primary focus in order to shape your life around what really matters (instead of meaningless nonsense), can lead you to better mental health and wellbeing. Podcast and blog available Monday morning (Australian time). Podcast available on Spotify, Google Podcasts and others (see my Podcast page) as well as an audio-only version on YouTube (Note: Apple Podcasts coming soon – still trying to sort out some technical issues!).

Until Next Time…

Thanks for reading! If you liked this newsletter and you haven’t already subscribed to Let’s Talk About Mental Health, please do so at the bottom of the page (or on any page of the website). Take care of yourself and remember: life is short, so make the most of it!


Let’s Talk About Mental Health © 2019 Jeremy Godwin

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