Mental Health Talk newsletter – Issue 5, 8 November 2019

By Jeremy Godwin.

Hello! Welcome back to another edition of Mental Health Talk, the newsletter that takes the Let’s Talk About Mental Health conversation further by sharing inspiring and practical stuff related to mental health and wellbeing! Let’s get talking!

This week on Let’s Talk About Mental Health…

This week’s episode/post of Let’s Talk About Mental Health (out now!) is called Let’s Talk About… Taking Chances. It’s all about the importance of taking calculated risks in life, and how to throw caution to the wind to make things happen in your life for the sake of your mental health and wellbeing.

If you want to listen, you can listen now using the Spotify player below. Alternatively, you can read the blog here or find a direct link to listen on your preferred podcast platform here (including an audio-only version on YouTube). Speaking of podcast platforms and episodes – I’ve made it easier to listen to episodes directly from the Let’s Talk About Mental Health website; head to the Episodes page where you can stream episodes (via Spotify) without having to leave the website. Because life is too busy to waste time searching for a podcast! Oh, and please hit that ‘follow’ button (like the one in the player below) because the more followers my podcast gets the easier it is to help other new listeners find it (search engines are only interested in stuff that other people are interested in!). Thanks 🙂

Some general Let’s Talk About Mental Health Updates…

Now that I’m getting into a bit more of a routine with Let’s Talk About Mental Health, you might see on social media that I’m working through a few different strategies to build my audience. I’m making a point to post more funny stuff alongside the serious stuff, because that’s how I roll in my personal life! Also I’ve realised that I’ve been working random songs into my writing more and more so I’ve incorporated an extra tag-line into my work: “98% mental health and wellbeing. 2% random 80’s song lyrics.” (although let’s be honest, it’s probably more than 2% lol!). I thought it was best to be upfront with listeners and readers so they know what to expect (and I really do quote A LOT of 80’s songs!). Look out for the new cover art that will be popping up on all platforms over the next week:

If you follow the @ltamhofficial Instagram account you might see the new artwork posted a few times in the next week – no, I’m not getting forgetful and reposting the same thing! I’m currently using Instagram’s advertising feature as one way of building my audience, and every time you post a new ad it needs a specific post to promote (and you can’t re-use ones you’ve already posted). The more you know!

On that note, if you haven’t already followed Let’s Talk About Mental Health on social media please do (and please share with friends/family/strangers!) – Let’s Talk About Mental Health is on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Your support is much appreciated and as my follower count increases it makes it a bit easier to then get the word out to new people!

In Mental Health News This Week…

  • Why hangry people are less in control of their emotions (ABC News, 5 November 2019) – It’s official – hangriness really is a thing, it’s not just you (or me)! Read about why it happens and what to do about it (I’ll give you one guess…!) here.
  • Dogs really can chase away loneliness (The Conversation, 5 November 2019) – In news that will surprise absolutely nobody, research has confirmed that dogs help to reduce loneliness. Did somebody just apply for funding so that they could play with dogs? If so – well played! Find out who is the goodest boy ever in the article here.
  • ITV failed to protect Jeremy Kyle guests from ‘bullying methodology’, MPs say (The Guardian [Australia edition], 1 November 2019) – More seriously, UK MPs have become involved in something messier than Brexit – a review of the bullying practices employed by now-cancelled ‘talk’ show, The Jeremy Kyle Show. It turns out deleted footage from the program shows that producers and Jeremy Kyle himself acted in the interests of the show rather than considering the welfare of its guests, potentially causing long-term psychological harm to those who appeared on the show… I mean, honestly, is anyone actually surprised by these revelations? Now can we stop watching the trials and tragedies of other human beings for sport? Article here.

YouTube Video of the Week…

How to Bridge Our Divisions? Start by Asking Questions. This is a couple of weeks old now (published 24 October 2019), however if you haven’t already watched this TedXMidAtlantic talk by Abigail Spanberger, I highly recommend you take 12 minutes out of your day because it’s a timely topic that requires everyone’s attention. We live in a world of divisions and factions, and the only way to move forward is to ask questions instead of shutting people down. Whether you want to admit it or not, we each have at least one thing in common with other people – it’s up to us to find common ground rather than jumping straight to judgement. Find it here or watch below.

My 3 favourite pop culture things this week…

Here’s some pop culture-y things I’ve been loving this week – never forget that it’s the little things that make you happy which contribute to good mental health and wellbeing, so make time to have fun every single day and if there’s pop culture stuff you love then celebrate it!

  • Russian Doll (TV Series, Netflix) – It’s not new, I know, but I’m mentioning it here because I loved this series so much that I’m re-watching it on the weekends and it is even better second time around. A well-written and slightly mind-bending series featuring the sublime Natasha Lyonne that is highly worth watching if you haven’t already seen it.
  • American Horror Story: 1984 (TV series, iTunes/Various platforms) – AHS is back and paying homage to classic 80’s slasher horror. Worth watching for the fashion do’s (and don’ts) alone.
  • Oprah’s Book Club (Apple Books and Apple TV+) – Oprah has revived her Oprah’s Book Club for the newly-launched Apple TV+, and whether or not you’re a fan it’s impossible to deny that Oprah has the ability to start real conversations about the topics she focuses on. The first book chosen by Oprah is The Water Dancer, a debut novel by Ta-Nehisi Coates set in the time of slavery. What I think is interesting about this new version of Oprah’s Book Club is that she’s bringing extended conversations to a broad audience via Apple TV+ which should help readers to think more deeply about the works selected – and as an author I can only applaud anything that promotes writing. New books chosen every two months, allowing you plenty of time to read each book and digest its contents.

2 Instagram Posts That Made My Week…

I’m a highly visual person so I love Instagram. I understand the criticisms of it but, like any tool, how social media affects you is completely dependant on how you use it. I choose to follow accounts that inspire me and/or make me laugh and I don’t compare my life to others, and I have no hesitation in hitting ‘unfollow’ if an account is heading to the dark side in terms of content or overall message. My morning wake-up ritual involves a strong cup of coffee (or four) and a wander through Instagram to wake up my creative juices before I start work, so I decided each week to share a little of that process here by including two posts that made me think, laugh or feel some kind of way. Enjoy!

@calm is a great mobile app for relaxation and meditation, and I love their Instagram account. You’re probably well aware of my focus on living in the present, a mindset which is reinforced by this quote.

‘One day at a time’ really is more than just a nice idea; it’s a mindset that works wonders for your physical, mental and spiritual health. And having a bad day or a setback isn’t the end of the world – it’s an opportunity to get back up and put one foot in front of the other. @thebehappyproject gets it and they post brilliant content – check out their Insta.

1 Quote to Reflect On…

You probably know by now that I love a good quote to reflect on (just please don’t stick it up as a wall decal! Lol!), so to finish up here’s one I love this week:

“The road to enlightenment is long and difficult, and you should try not to forget snacks and magazines.”

Rick Fields

Next Week on Let’s Talk About Mental Health…

Next week’s topic will be Let’s Talk About… Self-Care – I’ll be talking about why you need to make time for self-care every day, and how to choose self-care actions that are the right fit for your mental health and wellbeing. Podcast and written version available Monday morning (Australian time). Podcast available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and others (see my Podcast page for links) as well as an audio-only version on YouTube.

Until Next Time…

Thanks for reading! If you liked this newsletter and you haven’t already subscribed to Let’s Talk About Mental Health, please do so at the bottom of any page on the website. Take care of yourself and remember: make the most of every single day!

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