Mental Health Talk newsletter – Issue 16, 31 January 2020

By Jeremy Godwin.

Hello and welcome to another issue of Mental Health Talk! Let’s get into this week’s newsletter with a round-up of practical advice for improving and maintaining your mental health and wellbeing – this week I’m sharing articles about willpower, finding a good mental health professional, kindness, and more. So, let’s talk!

This week’s Episode of Let’s Talk About Mental Health…

This week’s episode/post of Let’s Talk About Mental Health is Let’s Talk About… Accountability. It’s all about the importance of being accountable for your words and actions for the sake of your mental health and wellbeing, and how accountability and self-improvement go hand-in-hand.. Read here or listen below:

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Articles of the Week…

From recognition to transformation: How digital technology can reduce mental illness stigma (The Conversation, 30 January 2020): I haven’t spoken a lot about stigmas and mental health since launching Let’s Talk About Mental Health in October 2019, mainly because I try to focus on solutions rather than problems and also because there is a much greater level of understanding and empathy when it comes to mental illness than there was 10 or 20 years ago. Having said that, it certainly doesn’t mean that stigmas have disappeared entirely – far from it. This article discusses some of the ways that technology can help to break through the shame often associated with accepting that mental illness is happening. Read it here.

The biggest myth about willpower may be that you don’t have enough of it (ABC News, 28 January 2020): Willpower is the foundation of making long-lasting changes in your life, but it can be very, very hard to maintain. This article discusses things you can do to boost your willpower – and who doesn’t want a bit more of that?! Read it here.

How five short intentions can help people recovering from depression stay on track (The Conversation, 22 January 2020): One of the dangers of recovering from depression is expecting that every day will be better than the last, and unfortunately that isn’t what always happens – relapses are all-too-common. This article talks about a tool that may help post-therapy. Read it here.

What makes a good psychologist or psychiatrist and how do you find one you like? (The Conversation, 20 January 2020): Finding someone you feel comfortable enough to bare your soul with is an essential part of successful therapy, but it can be a real challenge. This article gives you advice to find someone that feels right for you. Read it here.

From smiling at strangers to feeding those in need: What different faiths say about kindness (ABC Life, 21 January 2020): I talk about kindness at the end of every episode of Let’s Talk About Mental Health, which is why I thoroughly enjoyed this article that talks about how different religions incorporate the notion of kindness into their belief systems and which also demonstrates just how much we are all alike, regardless of faith or creed. Read it here.

TED Talk of the Week…

Why you feel what you feel (Ashley Stahl, TEDxLeidenUniversity): What do you want out of life? What do you really want? This talk by Ashley Stahl, host of the You Turn podcast, challenges you to think about what you actually want out of life – and the story she tells for the first few minutes is possibly one of the most riveting and powerful that I’ve ever heard in a Ted Talk. Running time: 19 minutes. Watch it here or in the player below.

Favourite Instagram Post of the Week…

Quote of the Week…

To finish up here’s a quote I absolutely love this week – take a few moments to consider what it means to you in the context of your mental health and wellbeing:

If anyone can refute me – show me I’m making a mistake or looking at things from the wrong perspective – I’ll gladly change. It’s the truth I’m after, and the truth never harmed anyone.”

Marcus Aurelius

Next Week on Let’s Talk About Mental Health…

Next week’s podcast topic will be Let’s Talk About… Hope. I’ll be talking about what hope is, why it’s so important for good mental health and wellbeing, and what to do if you’re struggling to find or maintain hope.

Podcast and transcript/article available Monday morning (Australian time) – find it and all past episodes here (where you can also subscribe to have it land in your inbox each week). Podcast available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and others (see my Podcast page for links) as well as an audio-only version on YouTube. And if you like it, please leave a review and tell your friends/family/etc!

Random cat photo/Meme of the week…

Why a random cat picture/meme each week? Because why not?! Have a happy Friday and a brilliant weekend (and sorry if you’re a dog person)!

Until Next Time…

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Have a brilliant week, take care of yourself and remember: be kind to others, you never know what their struggles are and what you put out comes back to you!

JG 🙂

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