Mental Health Talk newsletter – Issue 18, 14 February 2020

By Jeremy Godwin.

Hello and welcome to another issue of Mental Health Talk! Let’s get into this week’s newsletter with a round-up of practical advice for improving and maintaining your mental health and wellbeing – this week I’m sharing articles about the links between social media and mental health issues, loneliness and social connection, gambling, and more. So, let’s talk!

This week’s Episode of Let’s Talk About Mental Health…

This week’s episode/post of Let’s Talk About Mental Health is Let’s Talk About… Burnout. It’s all about what burnout is, how to identify if you’re burnt-out or at risk of burning out, and what to do to address it. Read here or listen below:

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You may have (hopefully!) picked up on the new branding for Let’s Talk About Mental Health that I’m using across the website and social media, with a new logo created by a brilliant graphic designer who I found online. I’m very excited that LTAMH is at a point where I had to start thinking about the level of professionalism of the logo I created myself when I launched, and that’s a testament to the rapid growth of the podcast (I just recently went past 10,000 show downloads which is amazing when you consider LTAMH has only been going for four months!)… so thank you all for your support!

In case you missed it, here is the new logo that you’ll be seeing everywhere in my work/on social media:

Articles of the Week…

More Evidence Links Social Media Use to Poorer Mental Health in Teens (U.S. News & World Report, 10 February 2020): This article cites Canadian research that shows the link between poor mental health and social media in teens, and makes it clear that although completely abstaining from social media is an overreaction (and highly unlikely to happen), finding a more balanced approach to social media usage is ideal – a message that applies to all of us, regardless of age. Read it here.

Loneliness is a national crisis. But there is a way to tackle it (The Guardian, 7 February 2020): This UK opinion piece talks about the loneliness crisis and its health impacts (which I discussed in Episode 15: Loneliness), with ideas on how to improve social connection. Read it here.

What Anthony did to make friends and combat loneliness in a new town (ABC News, 6 February 2020): Speaking of improving social connection… that’s what this Australian article talks about, combining a very personal story with tips on how to connect with other people in your community. Read it here.

We’re told to ‘gamble responsibly’. But what does that actually mean? (The Conversation, 7 February 2020): Here in Australia you will see the phrase “gamble responsibly” on advertisements about gambling – but what does that actually mean? This is a straightforward and thought-provoking read for anyone who has dealt with gambling issues or knows someone who has. Read it here.

‘Overwhelming and terrifying’: the rise of climate anxiety (The Guardian, 10 February 2020): An article for everybody but especially those of you with children, who might be struggling to see past the worst parts of the ongoing climate issues being discussed in the media more and more frequently. For those of us who were children in the 1980’s, remember all the stuff on the news about nuclear bombs? I distinctly remember my friends and myself being so anxious about it, and sitting staring out my window one night because I couldn’t sleep for fear of a bomb going off – that’s what is happening to kids now, but with climate. This article offers simple advice to have open conversations and to support those who might be struggling to comprehend what is going on. Read it here.

TED Talk of the Week…

You are contagious (Vanessa Van Edwards, TEDxLondon, June 2017): I always find stuff about body language and communication endlessly fascinating, and in this talk by interpersonal intelligence expert Vanessa Van Edwards you’ll hear some fascinating data gathered from multiple TED Talks (such as the correlation between popular TED Talks and higher usage of hand gestures, which is great news for me because I am a very expressive speaker!). Running time: just under 18 minutes. Watch it here or in the player below.

Favourite Instagram Post of the Week…

Quote of the Week…

To finish up here’s a quote I absolutely love this week – take a few moments to consider what it means to you in the context of your mental health and wellbeing:

Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.”

Bruce Lee

Next Week on Let’s Talk About Mental Health…

Next week’s podcast topic will be Let’s Talk About… Family. I’ll be talking about how to establish healthy relationships with your family and how to manage dysfunctional relationships.

Podcast and transcript/article available Monday morning (Australian time) – find it and all past episodes here (where you can also subscribe to have it land in your inbox each week). Podcast available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and others (see my Podcast page for links) as well as an audio-only version on YouTube. And if you like it, please leave a review and tell your friends/family/etc!

Random cat photo/Meme of the week…

Why a random cat picture/meme each week? Because why not?! Have a happy Friday and a brilliant weekend (and sorry if you’re a dog person)!

Coaching services now available…

Before I sign off today: I’ve talked a fair bit lately about the importance of talking to someone, and if you are interested I offer coaching services via video conference anywhere in the world – have a look at for more information and rates.

Until Next Time…

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Have a brilliant week, take care of yourself and remember: be kind to others, you never know what their struggles are and what you put out comes back to you!

JG 🙂

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