Taking a break

Last week on social media I optimistically posted about my intention to push ahead with Let’s Talk About Mental Health episodes and possibly even additional content. Unfortunately, that situation has now changed (as I’m sure your own situation has likely changed with everything going on) and as a result I will now be taking a break from LTAMH for a few weeks. Please see below my social media post dated 29 March 2020 which outlines my position. Thank you for your understanding and support, and I hope to be back talking to you in the near future. Stay well, stay safe, and stay positive 🙂

An open letter about LTAMH – 29 March 2020

Hi everyone,

We are in a situation where we are all challenged to take things one day at a time and focus on what we have control over; our words, our actions, and our feelings. Other than that, we cannot directly control what does or doesn’t happen in the world. That can be confronting for many of us, so we need to prioritise our loved ones and our own self-care above all else.

With that in mind, I am taking a break from Let’s Talk About Mental Health for a few weeks (effective immediately). 

I’ll explain my reasons why below, however let me first say this: LTAMH has been running for nearly six months and in that time I have been fortunate enough to see the audience grow and to hear from many of you from around the world about how the program has helped you through challenging times, and that means a lot to me. Thank you for sharing your stories with me and for letting me into your lives, and I hope to continue our journey through wellbeing together. For now, however, I must focus on what I need to focus on, which is working through “what now?” at home.

To be blunt, I’m exhausted and I need some time to figure out what’s next without the pressure of a weekly production schedule for the podcast and newsletter, so I’m taking a few weeks off to work through everything. I tried to sit down this morning and do another episode, but I’ve run out of steam because I’ve been on edge for the past few weeks. Please bear in mind that I am self-employed, so things have changed enormously and pretty much overnight. Also, my partner is a high-school teacher and the constant worry about schools remaining open here in NSW (Australia) has taken its toll. I’m doing OK, but I’m running on empty as I’m sure many of you are at the moment. My health, just like yours, needs to come first.

I know this is an about-face from what I said last week on social media, but I am tired and I have stuff to work through, and frankly I need some time off from talking about all of this. Taking a break will allow me to focus on what I need to focus on at home, and will free up some time and mental effort to consider the best way forward for this podcast and my work.

I hope you understand my position and please know how much your interest in my work means to me. Stay well, stay safe, stay positive. Thank you for your continued support and loyalty, and I will talk to you soon.

Jeremy 🙂 

One thought on “Taking a break

  1. Look after yourself and take as much time as you need to look after yourself and your family. Perhaps now is the time for us to return a little of the support you have given us. I thank you for all the time and wise advice you have given us over the last six months. Stay safe. X


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