Thursday Thoughts: the ‘stuff I’m enjoying’ weekly newsletter (22 April, 2021)

Hello again! Autumn is settling in here in Australia and the nights are getting longer/colder/more requiring of a cosy blanket. No complaints here; autumn and spring are my two favourite seasons as I much prefer the milder weather.

Anyway before I start today, I did a thing… starting on May 1 I have a second YouTube channel starting full of no-nonsense advice for living. It’s a place for me to talk about more than just mental health (however nothing will change with LTAMH!). Watch the promo below that’s going out on social media shortly, and please subscribe to the channel here 🙂

PS: You’ll see more of a split going forward between my Let’s Talk About Mental Health work and my more general work like these No-Nonsense Advice for Living videos. Want to stay up-to-date on the other stuff? Follow my @jeremygodwinofficial account on Instagram and sign up to my other mailing list at 🙂

So now that I’ve shared that, here are three things I’ve been enjoying this week:

1. Article – NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter makes historic first flight on Mars (ABC Australia)

I’m a space nerd; growing up in the 80’s when the space program was still exciting and before the general apathy about space entered the public consciousness, I was a wide-eyed and excited child who was hugely into everything space-related. So the fact that we’ve just flown a helicopter on another planet is kind-of a big deal. You can read the article here if you’re interested… There’s also some video from March 12 which includes several seconds of sounds from Mars (starts roughly at the 00:11 mark) which made my space-dork senses go nuts and is pretty cool to listen to… it’s sounds from another planet! Watch/listen here.

2. Mindfulness is… by @tamaralevitt [via Instagram]

Timely considering the new episode of Let’s Talk About Mental Health TV this week is about five simple and quick ways to practice mindfulness in just a few minutes.

3. Speaking of mindfulness… by @oprahdaily [via Instagram]

HRH Oprah is passionate about self-development and this post on the Oprah Daily account (formerly the O Magazine account, which is no longer a print magazine and has moved to digital) is another one that aligns with what I’ve been focusing on this week over on LTAMH:TV.

That’s it! I hope you have a fantastic day and an excellent weekend. If you haven’t already, check out the latest episode of the podcast and YouTube show, links below. Take care and talk soon!

Jeremy 🙂

New/updated services I’m offering for better mental health:

My content this week:

Thanks for reading and enjoy your week! JG 🙂

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