Thursday Thoughts: the weekly Let’s Talk About Mental Health newsletter (17 June, 2021)

Hello Talkers! (Not sure about that one either… any suggestions??!)

This has been a hectic week and I will openly admit I’ve struggled to keep myself on track in terms of sticking to my no-more-than-30-hours-a-week thing (I’m at about 38 this week), but that’s OK and I’m not going to beat myself up for it. That’s the thing: some weeks will be busier than others, and it’s about adjusting as necessary to gently bring yourself back to a place of balance – in my case, that has had to mean saying no to some things which can be challenging/disappointing sometimes but it is always a kinder option than taking on too much. With that in mind, I plan to start my weekend an hour or two early tomorrow so hey, it’s all swings and roundabouts.

Random note here for my fellow Australians in southern/central NSW and Victoria: WHY IS IT SO COLD SO DAMN EARLY? Maybe it’s just me but winter definitely settled in early this year and we’ve had lots of sub-zero (Celsius) mornings here, so scraping ice off my car has become an almost-daily occurrence. I usually love it, but this year it is in my bones and making me constantly chilly. Comments about age are neither required nor desired, thank you very much!

Anyway here’s a quick snapshot of my favourite things this week – hopefully at least one will make you smile/smirk/feel inspired. Have a fantastic week and a brilliant weekend!

Jeremy 😃

My favourite things this week:

1. Idea — Reconnecting with cycles of nature

In spite of my mini-moan about the chilly winter weather above, I’m thoroughly enjoying feeling connected with the cycles of nature and that’s something that I have noticed more and more since moving to the countryside six years ago. Living in the city the changes from season to season can be less noticeable, and when you feel more connected to the rhythms of nature it can be calming and grounding.

An easy way to do that, regardless of where you live, is to be consciously aware of the cycles of the moon. In its roughly 28 day cycle it grows from new to full, then wanes from full to new, over and over again in a pattern that has been that way for countless millions (billions) of years. There are plenty of free apps available to tell you what phase the moon is in and many print calendars display the main stages as well, and if you have a device like an Apple Watch it’s easy to add a moon phase complication/widget thing on. Why do I recommend this idea? Because it’s about reminding yourself of these bigger patterns of life and the universe that are more than just the mundane day-to-day business of humanity. Choose to connect with something bigger than yourself and use it as a means of reconnecting with your place in the universe.

2. Social media — Questions that will change your life… by @dailystoic [via Instagram]

I love the content on Daily Stoic, which shares bite-size bits of wisdom from the ancient philosophical system of stoicism (which teaches that virtue is found in knowledge). It’s a very pragmatic way of looking at the world and I loved this post (below) in particular for the final one in the carousel: is this who I want to be? Expect to hear me talking about that idea in a future episode of the podcast or YouTube (you’ll notice many of these in the post below are aligned to the mindset I apply to better mental health).

3. 2. Social media — The most important self-care tip you’ll ever read… by @thrive [via Instagram]

At this point I should just have a standing ‘things I liked on Thrive Global this week’ section in this newsletter, such is the frequency at which I repost their stuff. That’s OK; it’s not necessary to go and find a brand-new account to share every week if the stuff on Thrive is pure gold (that’s a note to myself, by the way). Read the post (which itself is a regram) and then read it again: unfollow every account on Instagram that makes you feel like you need to be someone else. #MicDrop

Tip of the week for better mental health:

Choose not to feel guilty about taking time for yourself. Often it feels like we need to be doing stuff all the time but if you need a break, then you need a break. So take a break and do so in a totally guilt-free way. If you’re looking for me on Saturday, I will be on the couch catching up on several episodes of Location, Location, Location with Kirstie & Phil.

Quote of the week:

“All glory comes from daring to begin.”

Eugene F. Ware

My content this week:

And over on I published a blog post about my thinking process behind the video above. I’m making an effort to distinguish that website/blog and my @jeremygodwinofficial Instagram/Facebook accounts from the Let’s Talk About Mental Health content which has been challenging, so you can read about my thoughts on how I may approach it in this post. Click here to read (and if you like it then sign up to have future blog posts from land in your inbox… thanks!).

Thanks for reading and enjoy your week/weekend! JG 🙂

4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: the weekly Let’s Talk About Mental Health newsletter (17 June, 2021)

    1. Hi Brenda! I have a jumbo book (600+ pages) of quotes that I purchased about 16 years ago and sometimes I’ll randomly open it and see what jumps out at me, and that one definitely caught my attention. What did you think of it?


      1. I can certainly see it’s wisdom! It reminds me of this quote: “Fortune favors the bold.” I don’t know the attribution. I saw it either while visiting Facebook or on the deck of cards they gave out as swag. Anyway, I love your fondness of quotes because I’ve been collecting my favorites too!


      2. I love that one! It’s Virgil, an ancient Roman poet (I’m such a nerd!). Glad to hear you enjoy the quotes! I started using them in training I was running at work back in the early 2000’s and I’ve never stopped, they’re a good way of capturing an idea or concept. Thanks Brenda, I hope you have a fantastic day/week!


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