Thursday Thoughts: the weekly Let’s Talk About Mental Health newsletter (5 August, 2021)

Hello Talkers!

Full disclosure: exhaustion has crept into my work over the past couple of weeks. Not with the work itself (because I love what I do) but I’ve been so tired, due to winter dragging on and on, that I’ve noticed myself making more and more little mistakes because I don’t have the full mental capacity I usually have every day. I’m talking about little things like sending out the last couple of newsletters with errors in the dates and things like that; honestly, I don’t think anyone actually cares but I pride myself on attention to detail so when things like that happening, you know my focus is slipping.

The main reason I’ve been feeling exhausted is from not sleeping properly because our winter this year has been miserable — mainly wet and windy for months on end — and that’s something we’re not that used to out here. Sure, our winters in the countryside are cold (very cold) but they’re usually accompanied by blue skies 75%+ of the time… not this winter! No offence to anyone in Melbourne, Australia (and I say this with love because it was a wonderful place to live for nearly 14 years) but this has been like a Melbourne winter in terms of being damp, dark and dreary (which could also describe a Melbourne spring or autumn…!!!). No need to go on about why that’s impacted on my sleep (I could bore you for ages about the issues with being too hot vs too cold at night), but suffice it to say I am now in need of several decent nights of sleep!

But the great news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel — quite literally, because the days are rapidly growing longer! Since the winter solstice back on the 21st of June, the daylight today is now 43 minutes longer in just 6 weeks and that makes me very happy! Plus early-flowering bulbs and trees are beginning to bloom already so it’s a little taste of my soon-to-arrive favourite season, Spring. This is what I mean by learning to live more in tune with the seasons; when you do so, you become much more observant of the small and subtle shifts that happen every single day, and it makes for a great way to both ground yourself in the present and to summon your positive energy to make it through another day that could only be described as “bleurgh!” weather-wise.

So here’s a quick snapshot of my favourite things this week — hopefully at least one will make you smile/smirk/feel inspired. Have a fantastic week and a brilliant weekend!

Jeremy 😃

My favourite things this week:

1. Social media — Real self-care… via @howmental [via Instagram]

This just might be my new favourite description of self care ever: “Real self-care is a series of tough decisions. The decision to be more disciplined, to address your reoccurring toxic thoughts, to prioritise your mental health and to put your happiness over your history.”

2. Social media — Finding balance… by Cara E. Yar Khan via @ted [via Instagram]

“Life is really just a lesson in finding the balance between fear and courage” – am I the only one who felt that?!

3. Social media — The power of daily routine.. by John C. Maxwell via @ariannahuff [via Instagram]

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”

(P.S. I was going to point out here that for once I’m not sharing something from @thrive, but given its connections with @ariannahuff that seems like cheating so this is now officially a stan newsletter for both @thrive and @ariannahuff… may as well accept reality!).

Tip of the week for better mental health:

Review your diet, because what you consume (physically and mentally) creates your reality. Unhealthy consumption (especially on a regular basis) leads to unhealthy outcomes, whereas healthy consumption leads to healthy outcomes. Remember: if you’re having it daily or every other day, it’s no longer a ‘treat’ but a habit.

Quote of the week:

The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.

Samuel Johnson

My content this week:

And over on I published a blog post about my thought process behind the Stop Worrying So Much About The Future! video. Click here to read and if you like it then sign up to have future blog posts from land in your inbox… thanks!

Oh… and I did a vlog on my other YouTube channel (Jeremy Godwin), because I felt like it. I may do this more often or I may not, if you’d like to see more let me know. Here’s the video, let me know what you think:

Thanks for reading and enjoy your week/weekend! JG 🙂

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