Thursday Thoughts: the weekly Let’s Talk About Mental Health newsletter (30 September, 2021)

Hello Talkers!

It’s nearly October… wow! I know, my ability to tell time is nothing short of exceptional 😆

I hope that, wherever you are in the world, you’re making the most of this wonderful time of year regardless of the challenges that might be going on in your area (we’ve had a COVID outbreak in my small region over the last couple of weeks, which has been quite difficult as small towns = small medical resources, however ***fingers crossed*** the situation appears to be improving).

I’m deliberately keeping this short this week, so hello and welcome to another newsletter, and here’s a quick snapshot of my favourite things this week — hopefully at least one of them will make you smile/smirk/feel inspired. Have a fantastic week and a brilliant weekend!

Jeremy 😃

My favourite things this week:

1. Social media — Every day is a fresh start… from @tinybuddhaofficial [via Instagram]

Love this post, whcih reads: “We all have a past. We all made choices that maybe weren’t the best ones. None of us are completely innocent, but we all get a fresh start every day to be a better person than we were yesterday.” #LiveByIt

2. Social media — Considerations for second chances... from @nedratawwab [via Instagram]

I love Nedra Tawwab’s work and her book Set Boundaries, Find Peace. This multipost has a few great tips for what to consider before you give someone a second chance, but the main one I want to focus on is: “If nothing has changed, are you willing to re-experience the past?” #FoodForThought especially since, as I’ve said many times, if nothing changes then nothing changes.

3. Social media — How you grow is your choice... from @ariannahuff [via Instagram]

It’s a fair bet that if I’m not sharing a post from Thrive Global, then I’m sharing one by its founder Arianna Huffington. This repost by Arianna jumped out at me this morning as it continues on from one of the messages I shared last week: “You will not be the same person a year from now… you must decide which way you will grow”

And one bonus post I’d like to share which is simply something I love… the other week I shared about my enduring love of Star Trek: Voyager over on my Instagram account @jeremygodwinofficial and that part of the reason was due to Captain Janeway’s love for coffee (“the finest organic suspension ever devised”) and then this popped up from the @startrek account to celebrate National Coffee Day (assuming that’s a US thing, but I can definitely get on board for a day dedicated to coffee!).

Tip of the week for better mental health:

It’s OK to say no or to park things. I’ve had an exhausting week and then yesterday/today I’ve been feeling under the weather with a tummy bug (you do not want details, trust me) so it’s a timely reminder that self care needs to be a priority above all things. If that means taking this as easy as possible and parking anything non-urgent, then so be it.

Quote of the week:

Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations.

Alan Watts

My content this week:

Click here for transcript (opens in new window). Clic aquí for Spanish translation.

Thanks for reading and have an absolutely fantastic week! JG 🙂

4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: the weekly Let’s Talk About Mental Health newsletter (30 September, 2021)

  1. Thank yuu so much Mr Jeremy Godwin for always having our backs when it comes to mental health. We really appreciate & love your work so much.
    South Africa


  2. Hi Jeremy

    I listen to your mental health podcast and I have it really helps with mental health

    I suffer from paranoia and I’d love to do some one to one sessions with you.

    I live in Dublin Ireland, please let me know if you have availability

    Many thanks Gillian

    Sent from my iPhone



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