Thursday Thoughts: the weekly Let’s Talk About Mental Health newsletter (16 December, 2021)

Hello Talkers!

It’s been a rollercoaster week here: in my latest YouTube video I mentioned that my cat, Igor, became quite sick and I had to rush him to the vet. He’s been home for a few days and is recuperating nicely, and we were able to take the cone-collar-thing off his neck yesterday so he’s a lot happier now (and no longer whacking me in the face with it in the middle of the night because he wanted cuddles). So, I’m in a much better headspace than I was this time last week! Plus I only have one week until I’m on holidays for a couple of weeks, where I plan to do as little as possible so that I can rest and recharge… definitely looking forward to that and my Kindle is filled to the brim with books I am going to read (my go-to relaxation is reading, mainly non-fiction, as well as watching content that either helps me learn or helps me laugh; last weekend it was four episodes of The Most Popular Girls in School on YouTube – so wrong – immediately followed by two episodes of a BBC documentary, The Universe, with Professor Brian Cox… what can I say, I’m complicated!).

I’m going to be announcing my Patreon in the new episode of the podcast that comes out on Sunday December 19, Episode 110: Let’s Talk About… Satisfaction, and in a couple of weeks I’ll be doing a YouTube video where I answer mental health questions submitted to me via Instagram, as an example of what the monthly exclusive video will look like for those who become Official Supporters via Patreon. A big thank you to those of you who have already signed up to support my work, it is greatly appreciated, and for anyone thinking about it… I’d really appreciate it if you did, and of course you can always cancel at any time. If my work has helped you at all in the past year (or more) then your support will allow me to continue to help you as well as helping more people!

Become a supporter today via Patreon – click here:

So… greetings and salutations, and a very warm welcome to another newsletter. I hope you enjoy my quick snapshot of my favourite things this week — hopefully at least one of them will make you smile/feel inspired. Have a fantastic week and a brilliant weekend!

Jeremy 😃

My favourite things this week:

Here are some of my favourite posts over the past week or so:

And finally, this is something we all need to remind ourselves of every single day:

And while you’re here… if you haven’t already subscribed to my YouTube channel, please do! My community is growing there and I have lots of great videos coming up, so come and join me! Click on one of the videos below and then select the subscribe option at the end (or click the channel icon to go to the channel page and subscribe there). Thank you!

Quote of the week:

“In nature there are neither rewards now punishments — there are consequences.”

Robert Green Ingersoll

My content this week:

Click here for transcript (opens in new window). Clic aquí para la traducción al español.

Thanks for reading and have an absolutely fantastic week! JG 🙂

2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: the weekly Let’s Talk About Mental Health newsletter (16 December, 2021)

  1. A true breath of fresh air, and a much needed reset is this newsletter! Thank you. Glad that your cat is better, you are so beyond fantastic! THANK YOU! 💛☮️


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