Thursday Thoughts: the Let’s Talk About Mental Health newsletter (13 January, 2022)

Hello Talkers!

Welcome to 2022! I know, I know, it’s been 2022 for nearly two weeks now… but this is my first newsletter of the year after taking a couple of weeks off. I had a wonderful break and feel both well-rested and invigorated for the year ahead. There will be lots of good stuff coming up on my podcast and my YouTube channel this year (plus one or two projects that I’m very excited about… more about those as the year unfolds).

One thing I am already ecstatic about is that I recently launched a Patreon, where for a small monthly donation ($3 AUD per month) you can support my work and help me to keep my content ad-free. For a slightly higher amount ($8 AUD per month) you can become an Official Supporter which gets you access to an exclusive monthly video where I answer your questions and give you the scoop on all of my podcast and YouTube episodes coming up over the following month. I just recorded my first one, which goes out on the 15th of the month, and I’m really delighted to see how many of you wonderful people have decided to support my work… so thank you! If you’d like to become a supporter then click here and I will be eternally grateful!

So… greetings and salutations, and a very warm welcome to another newsletter. I hope you enjoy my quick snapshot of my favourite things this week — hopefully at least one of them will make you smile/feel inspired. Have a fantastic week!

Jeremy 😃

My favourite inspiring things this week:

(I got acceptance, positivity and contentment 😁)

My favourite post from my channels this week:

I very quietly started posting daily bits of advice on my @jeremygodwinofficial account at the start of 2022, under the banner of #LifeAdviceThatDoesntSuck. It’s a way for me to share things I have learned throughout my own journey over these past few years and it’s a broader conversation than just mental health (but they’re all directly related to mental health and wellbeing). I created more than a year of these during the second week of my break (I was feeling very creative!) so if you don’t already follow me on Instagram then click the ‘View Profile’ button below and then ‘Follow’ (I also have @ltamentalhealth which is mainly focused on the podcast).

My favourite quote this week:

“The quality of your relationships determines your quality of life.”

Nedra Tawwab

My content this week:

Click here for transcript (opens in new window). Clic aquí para la traducción al español.

And finally… my content over the holidays

In case you missed it, I kept on posting content every week throughout the holiday period (see what I do for you?!)… I released a couple of podcast episodes that are thought-provoking for the new year, and two videos answering questions submitted to me on my Instagram accounts. Links below, check them out if you haven’t already!

Thanks for reading and have an absolutely fantastic week, and a brilliant 2022! JG 🙂

PS: Thanks to everyone who sent me kind messages of support when our cat, Igor, was very sick in December. He’s doing much better now and is back to his usual self, albeit less-than-impressed that he has to have a special diet (he loves his food!).

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