Thursday Thoughts: the Let’s Talk About Mental Health newsletter (17 March, 2022)

Hello Talkers!

My next episode, coming out on Sunday March 20, is all about thoughts. Why? Because so much of our reality is created by our thoughts, and yet our thoughts are not facts. Once you wrap your head around that little brain-exploding fact, you begin to find ways to step back from your thoughts so you can observe them and consider them more thoughtfully. That’s something I’ve been doing a lot of work on lately and I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback on that new episode (#123) when it comes out!

And by the way, if you listen to me on Spotify and you find my content helpful then I would be very grateful if you could take a moment and leave me a 5-star review the next time you listen… Spotify have recently introduced ratings and your feedback will help other people to find my show, so it’s a quick and simple way of helping me out and your support is greatly appreciated.

So without any further ado… greetings and salutations, and a very warm welcome to another newsletter. I hope you enjoy my quick snapshot of my favourite things this week — hopefully at least one of them will make you smile/feel inspired. Have a fantastic week!

Jeremy 😃

PS: I have decided to go back to once a week for my YouTube videos; twice a week was too exhausting. New videos every Wednesday (Tuesday afternoon if you’re in North or South America).

PPS: I said last week I had joined TikTok… I quit after four days. It’s not for me. Hey, at least I tried and at least I’m adult enough to admit when something isn’t working! I mean, I know four days isn’t a long time but trust me – when you know, you know.

My favourite inspiring things this week:

My absolute favourite thing this week:

This is truly one of the benefits of growing older!

My favourite posts from my channels this week:

My favourite quote this week:

“Success is all about the quiet accumulation of small triumphs.”

J. P. Donleavy

My content this week:

Click here for transcript (opens in new window). Clic aquí para la traducción al español.

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic week! JG 🙂

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