My book is out now!

It’s official… my new book Let’s Talk About Mental Health (Volume One) has now been released into the world and I feel like a proud parent! 😃

In this book I explore a wide range of wellbeing-related topics, such as self-awareness, over-thinking, conflict and more, drawing on material from my weekly Let’s Talk About Mental Health podcast as well as new and revised/expanded content. In the book I deliberately take you on a journey of self-assessment and reflection so that you can identify how to make incremental improvements in your mental health and wellbeing every day. My tips are based on quality research that you can use to complement your own self care practices, as well as any work you may be doing with a professional.

Available now in print or eBook from Amazon worldwide, or eBook from Apple Books; use the links below (opens in new window). And if you like my book then please take a moment to leave a five-star review on whatever platform you purchased it on! Thank you 🙂

Apple Books (eBook only)

Amazon US: Print or eBook

Amazon Australia: Print or eBook

Amazon UK: Print or eBook

Amazon Canada: Print or eBook

For other countries, please search ‘Let’s Talk About Mental Health’ on your local Amazon store.

PS: Your regular newsletter will still be coming later today (5:45pm Sydney time)

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