Thursday Thoughts: the Let’s Talk About Mental Health newsletter (14 July, 2022)

Hello Talkers!,

Huge thanks to everyone who has purchased my new book, Let’s Talk About Mental Health (Volume One), and an even bigger thanks to everyone who got in touch with me to tell me when they had received it and read it! I feel very honoured and grateful. If you haven’t already purchased a copy, you’ll find links to buy it here.

After I finalised everything for the book a few weeks ago, I found myself immediately thinking “what next?” rather than pausing to celebrate and really let it all sink in, so I’ve been consciously pushing myself to slow down more and take my time instead of just rushing on to the next thing. I talk about that in a lot more detail in the next episode of my podcast (Episode 140: Let’s Talk About… Slowing Down), including how to be smarter about consciously slowing down for your general wellbeing. I hope you enjoy it when it comes out!

So without any further ado… greetings and salutations, and a very warm welcome to another newsletter. I hope you enjoy my quick snapshot of my favourite things this week — hopefully at least one of them will make you smile/feel inspired. Have a fantastic week!

Jeremy 🙂

My favourite inspiring things this week:

My absolute favourite thing this week:

I love this post because it’s a reminder that email is a tool; you should control it, it should not control you. I’ve said previously in my podcast that I have notifications switched off on my emails and I review them 2-3 times a day in a dedicated block of time (usually start of day, just before lunch and then end of day); other than that, I usually don’t touch them unless I’m deep in an important conversation with someone specific. Choose to treat your email as a tool, rather than allowing it to be your master.

My favourite posts from my channels this week:

My favourite quote this week:

“The important thing is not what they think of me, it is what I think of them.”

Queen Victoria

My content this week:

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic week! JG 🙂

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