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8/9 May 2021: Online seminar Let’s Talk (Some More) About… Resilience

A live online seminar about better mental health and resilience with Q&A session. Running time: 90 minutes. Two sessions are available depending on where you are in the world, note that times are listed as Sydney time (AEST). Book now below or scroll down for more details of the session. Note: content for both sessions is identical, it is just being offered at two times to allow for participants from various timezones. You can select whichever time works best for you.

About the session:

Improving your mental health bit by bit can feel challenging, but with the right tools and support it’s absolutely possible to make positive progress every day. 

Each week in his Let’s Talk About Mental Health podcast and YouTube show, Jeremy Godwin explores simple ideas for better mental health that are both grounded in quality research and practical (so you can apply them immediately). Now, you’ll be able to explore these topics even further with regular online seminars and have the chance to ask questions about the content to explore it further!

Sessions run for approximately 90 minutes and include the seminar (45-60 minutes) and live Q&A’s about the topic/content (30-45 minutes), and you’ll walk away with reflection and action planning tools to help you apply what has been discussed.

This seminar will focus on resilience. Jeremy will introduce resilience and why it matters, then will spend the bulk of the session talking through lots of ideas to improve and maintain your resilience for better mental health (covering a lot more detail than the podcast episode on the same topic). 

Availability and times:

This session is open to participants worldwide. You can choose either session regardless of where you live; listed times for specific locations are suggestions only. Please check the time in your timezone carefully before booking. Times are:

Group 1: AU/NZ, UK & Europe on Saturday 8 May (Sydney 6pm AEST, Manila 4pm PST, London 9am BST, Paris 10am CEST)

Group 2: US/CAN on Saturday 8 May (New York/Toronto 8:30pm EDT, Los Angeles/Vancouver 5:30pm PDT); AU/NZ on Sunday 9 May (Sydney 10:30am AEST)

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Group 1 for audiences in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, UK & Europe:

Group 2 for audiences in Australia, USA, Canada, South & Central America: