Mental Health Talk group sessions (monthly)

A monthly online group session about better mental health grounded in practical advice with Jeremy Godwin, writer/host of the Let’s Talk About Mental Health podcast.

Because sometimes you just need to talk! Mental Health Talk is a bit like structured group therapy — each month, Jeremy will select a broad focus around better mental health and talk through it as part of the session. What makes this different is that it’s an interactive session; participants are encouraged to get involved and discuss how the content resonates for them, and we work together to identify ways to apply the topic(s) covered over the following month so that everyone can have a personalised plan for better mental health. You’ll also be able to submit questions related to the nominated topic(s) before and during the session that Jeremy will answer live… so it’s an excellent way to focus on your mental health in a group setting without having to pay a small fortune to do so! 

Sessions run for 60 minutes per session and you’ll walk away with reflection/action planning tools to help you apply what has been discussed. These are small and intimate groups, and active participation is highly encouraged (although you’ll be able to submit questions anonymously if you’d prefer).

Join a group below at a time that works for you (please check times carefully as all times listed are for Sydney, Australia – click here for a free online timezone converter). Session times have been optimised for different timezones where possible, and you are welcome to join either group.

Availability and times:

This session is open to participants worldwide. You can choose either session regardless of where you live; listed times for specific locations are suggestions only. Please check the time in your timezone carefully before booking. Times are:

Group 1: US/CAN on Wednesday 19 May (New York/Toronto 8:30pm EDT, Los Angeles/Vancouver 5:30pm PDT); AU/NZ on Thursday 20 May (Sydney 10:30am AEST) 

Group 2: AU/NZ, UK & Europe on Thursday 20 May (Sydney 6pm AEST, Manila 4pm PST, London 9am BST, Paris 10am CEST)