In January 2021 I launched a new weekly show on YouTube called Let’s Talk About Mental Health TV. In September 2021 I rebranded and I now continue to post weekly episodes of Better Mental Health which is all about – you guessed it! – practical advice for better mental health.

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Latest episodes of BETTER Mental Health:
All episodes of BETTER Mental Health

(formerly Let’s Talk About Mental Health TV)

Episode #TitleLink
1Improving your mental health in 2021Click here
2Finding mental strength (so you can deal with your fears)Click here
3Social media & better mental healthClick here
4Stop overthinking and sabotaging yourselfClick here
5What to do when everything seems to be going wrongClick here
610 things you can do every day to improve your mental healthClick here
7THIS is why we really need to talk about mental healthClick here
85 BIG lessons about mental health from the pandemicClick here
9What to do when you feel completely overwhelmedClick here
10Why I stopped trying to be happy (and how that made me happier)Click here
11Dealing with anxiety during and after lockdownClick here
12Five lessons the SPICE GIRLS taught us about better mental healthClick here
135 little things you can do today that will have a massive impact on your mental healthClick here
14What is mindfulness and what does it mean for you?Click here
15Mental illness warning signs (and what to do about them)Click here
16Five lessons Eurovision taught us about better mental healthClick here
17STOP these habits NOW if you want better mental health!Click here
18Five things you can do to feel happier TODAYClick here
19If you’re unwell, take a break. Here’s how.Click here
20How mental illness taught me to be a better personClick here
21These things are harmful to your mental healthClick here
22Five ways to stop overthinkingClick here
23How a growth focus improves your mental healthClick here
24Your biggest mental health questions answered!Click here
25Life hacks for dealing with stressClick here
26Ways to improve your mental health at workClick here
27Saying no for better mental healthClick here
28Setting healthy boundaries with familyClick here
29Stop worrying so much about the future!Click here
30How to deal with not feeling OKClick here
31Why antidepressants are not the answerClick here
32How to look after your mental health in lockdownClick here
33Five foundations of better mental healthClick here
34Five simple mental health tipsClick here
35Being authentic for better mental healthClick here
36Feeling mentally exhausted by the never-ending pandemic? Watch this!Click here
37Five tips for better mental health at workClick here
38Better mental health is… simplicityClick here
39Assertiveness and mental healthClick here
405 simple daily steps for better mental healthClick here
41Reflection and better mental healthClick here
42Healthy coping mechanisms for stressClick here
43Where to from here? Mental health after the pandemic…Click here
44Surviving the holiday season | Mental health and the holidaysClick here
45Dealing with difficult family membersClick here
46The value of restClick here
47Preparing for a proper vacationClick here
48Quick tips for dealing with worry when times are toughClick here
49Making changes? Try this! Change and Better Mental HealthClick here
50Your mental health questions answered! (Part 1)Click here
51Your mental health questions answered! (Part 2)Click here
52Five ways to improve your self esteemClick here
53These myths about mental health are WRONG!Click here
54How to deal with mistakesClick here

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