The ‘stuff I’m enjoying’ weekly newsletter (15 April, 2021)

Hi! I'm back with a super-quick round up of things I've been exploring/enjoying/thinking about regarding mental health and general wellbeing each week, in order to share some end-of-week inspiration and thought-provoking stuff with all of you. I'm keeping this very simple and straightforward, so you can get in and out of this email within just a minute or two. I hope you enjoy it, JG 🙂 Read on!

Mental Health Talk newsletter – Issue 24, 27 March 2020

This week I'm sharing practical articles about advice for dealing with different social, cultural and mental health consequences of COVID-19 such as tips from therapists for dealing with anxiety, navigating the challenges of working from home with your partner, and safe exercise options (plus some bonus good news stories from around the web). So, let's talk!